Real Weddings - Charlotte & Andy's simply beautiful seaside wedding

Finding 'The One'... Charlotte and Andy set out to find their perfect venue with a clear idea in mind for the type of wedding they wanted: We wanted a simple elegant wedding near the beach. The Grand fit that perfectly for us as it has beautiful interiors, wonderful staff and the most delicious food right across from the beach. Styling... Opting for a pastel palette with pops of gold created a modern, relaxed feel with some DIY touches: I designed the invitations using a floral design I purchased from Etsy and then had them printed locally. Flowers were really important and I decided on slightly wild looking bouquets and arrangements with gorgeous pink and peach coloured roses with trailing

Secrets To A Good Night's Sleep...

We all know how important getting a good night's sleep is for you to be rested and productive the following day. We take sleep seriously which is why we've put together our top tips to ensure you get the best night's sleep. 1) Get plenty of fresh air during the day - Making sure you spend time outside during the day is a key factor in sleeping well at night - there is more oxygen outside which results in an increase in serotonin (known as the happy chemical) which makes you feel happy and relaxed, the perfect mindset for a good night's sleep. 2) Run a bath - As well as the relaxation offered by a good soak there is a proven reason why it's a good way to induce sleep - after a warm bath your

Why you should book a hotel with a spa for your next conference?

National Spa Week runs from 10-17 September this year, and as much as we love to just laze about wearing dressing gowns and having treatments, there’s more to the benefits of the spa than just the obvious. Why would you book a spa hotel for your next conference or company team building event? Well, we know that as a nation we are more stressed out than ever before; with increased workloads, jangling emails 24/7 on our devices, and the overwhelming constant juggle that is the work/life balance. All this stress and pressure means that it’s vital we are given a chance to recharge our batteries and disconnect, even if only briefly, from the pressures of modern life. And this escape applies to th

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