What’s your lace strategy?

Accomplished runner and PR Guru Andrew White tells us all about his Lace Strategy.

With the countdown now on to The Grand Brighton Half Marathon and the miles of training starting to pay off, you may well have considered your race strategy; to bust the 2 hour mark, to complete your first ever half marathon, to run as a chicken just for the kicks or to hit the podium within your age group.

But have you considered your crucial lace strategy? That’s right; Lace not Race!

This is something I learned the hard way after months of training for the gruelling Marathon Des Sables. It’s a very different race but just like The Grand Brighton Half Marathon it involves setting a personal goal, a back-up goal and getting in the training. What I also learned quickly was the way you lace your shoes can have a dramatic effect on your feet!

Andrew White running

Blister, hammer toe, high in-step; many foot faux-pas can be helped with how you lace your trainers. And believe me; when you have lost 8 toenails because you are training up to 100 miles a week, you need good shoes and need to know how to do them up properly.

Gap lacing – side lacing – loop lock lacing – skip lacing – speed lacing - straight lacing, they all exist and they can all help how you run.

It’s worth checking in with your local sports shop and getting them to show you a bit of foot origami! If you’ve not got time to visit a store, have a look online and you will be amazed at the different techniques - it works and can certainly help your run!

The best of luck to everyone and make sure you keep fit and injury-free – that starting line is getting closer and closer.