Why you should book a hotel with a spa for your next conference?

National Spa Week runs from 10-17 September this year, and as much as we love to just laze about wearing dressing gowns and having treatments, there’s more to the benefits of the spa than just the obvious.

Why would you book a spa hotel for your next conference or company team building event?

Well, we know that as a nation we are more stressed out than ever before; with increased workloads, jangling emails 24/7 on our devices, and the overwhelming constant juggle that is the work/life balance.

All this stress and pressure means that it’s vital we are given a chance to recharge our batteries and disconnect, even if only briefly, from the pressures of modern life. And this escape applies to the time spent at events too.

Corporate wellness has increasingly come under focus as businesses realise the importance of their employees’ physical and mental health alike. We are more able to recognise the detrimental effect burn-out will have on performance if we ignore wellbeing. And a business is nothing without its staff.

But why are events an even bigger deal than day to day pressure?

First of all, you’re away from home, and although a change from the norm or a new destination can be refreshing sometimes, it can also mean additional pressures i.e packing, travelling, missing loved ones... Conferences and events also involve long days with intense periods of concentration demanded; the risk of burn-out in delegates is high. The same with extreme days at events, or even simply the burden of spending long periods of time with people we don’t know… or maybe don’t like!

How about residential events, where partners are allowed? What do they do with themselves all day? Or simply the sheer mental release that goes with a night away from home and a chance to ‘let go’? And what about if you have delegates that really just don’t want to go to the event?! Let’s face it – that happens (more often than anyone would think, we bet!)

The solution? Book a hotel with a spa. It’s a no-brainer, really.


1. Firstly, booking a quality venue with a spa tells your staff that you care about them. Seriously. Who wants to stay in a budget hotel with ghastly facilities? Love your staff and they’ll love you back. So that’s a good reason all on its own.

2. Secondly, you’re going to get a much more positive approach from your attendees. Obviously not if they’re bunking off in the spa when they’re supposed to be contributing to the ideas cloud in the boardroom, but you get the gist. Feeling well and feeling valued will pay dividends in terms of commitment.

3. It reduces stress. A bit like No2, if your staff are feeling refreshed and revitalised they’re going to function better and be more productive. Stress is a productivity killer. When your body experiences stress, your body is flooded with cortisol and testosterone, preparing for the ‘fight or flight’ response. These additional chemicals work against your brain and stop you from focusing on the task at hand. Reduce that stress.

4. Having treatments like massages has been proven to help alleviate stress by reducing your cortisol levels and in turn lowering your risk of high blood pressure, protecting your immune system and reducing your risk of obesity. (Interestingly, you do not need an hour-long massage to lower your stress levels, a mere 15 minutes is sufficient. Did you know we offer MICE guests a 15 minute re-vitalising ‘Conference Booster Treatment’ for only £15 in September?)

5. Everyone’s going to sleep better. Did you know that that losing sleep directly destroys your concentration levels and problem-solving abilities? In fact, studies show that for each hour of sleep that is lost each night, your IQ is temporarily reduced by one point! Get that all-important quality sleep.

6. It helps with the hangovers… need we say more? Regretting that last round of shots? Maybe didn’t need all that wine with dinner? How about busting that hangover with a sauna and big old shower in the gorgeous-smelling spa and coming out feeling like a million quid? We even offer a ‘Whiskey Chaser’ treatment package for those who have overindulged the night before.

7. Ever thought about making it part of the event? In Finland they do everything in the sauna – drink beer, have meetings, even give birth (no, honestly!). Why not consider holding your loose agenda in the spa area? With less pressure and stress, creative juices will flow, and ideas will flourish.

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