Sip Your Way To Success

Water makes up about 70% of our brains and up to 75% of our bodies*, so it’s understandably important to keep hydrated throughout the day. For many of us with busy jobs and lives, it can be difficult to factor in simply having a regular drink of water amongst hectic schedules and being on the go. The Grand Brighton & Richmond Hill Hotel are therefore delighted to be the official sole sponsor of reusable water bottles at this year’s London Summer Events Show - taking place on 22-23 January – and have shared their collective insights into how to sip your way to success.

What are the benefits of drinking plenty of water?

Get more energy

Our bodies use up a lot of water when exerting energy – whether running a marathon or an event – so drinking plenty of the clear stuff will help reduce fatigue, improve your endurance to keep moving for longer and help you to wake up the next day feeling energised.

Max your brainpower

It’s been proven that less water leads to short term cognitive impairment, so drinking plenty of water can help to maximise your brain’s output and ensure you stay better focussed. This may come in handy during a particularly long meeting or strenuous task – make sure that water bottle’s within reach!

Boost your mood

A study found that when people’s water intake is limited to a litre day, this has a directly negative impact on their overall mood, bringing on negative emotions and decreasing feelings of content and calm. Those who had their daily water intake increased over a period of time felt significantly more positive and less sluggish**.

How do I make sure I’m getting plenty of water throughout the day?

Take water with you on the go!

Make it a habit to bring a Grand Brighton/Richmond Hill reusable water bottle with you everywhere you go so that you can easily sip throughout the day.

Eat water-rich foods!

Though the majority of our daily water intake should come from drinks, up to 30% should come from the foods we eat too. A really easy way to stay hydrated on the go is to opt for foods high in water content, such as fruit, soups and vegetables*.

Match alcoholic drinks with a glass of water!

This age-old rule really does work, replenishing the body’s lost moisture due to the diuretic effect of alcohol. This can be especially tricky at events where drinks are continually topped up, though making the effort to be mindful of taking regular sips from the water glass as well as the wine glass really does pay off!

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The Grand Brighton and Richmond Hill hotels will be exhibiting and sponsoring the water at the London Summer Events Show on 22-23 January