Real Weddings - Priya & Dip's vividly vibrant wedding

Finding 'The One'...

Finding the perfect venue is an essential first step in the planning process and really sets the tone for your day - for Priya & Dip The Grand had it all...

For us it was important to have our wedding in Brighton as it is my home city and where we first met. The stature of The Grand and its location right in the heart of Brighton seafront made it the perfect choice for us.

We were looking for a large, self-catering venue with the wow-factor for our civil ceremony, Indian wedding and wedding reception. The facilities at The Grand ticked all the boxes.

The Big Day...

With so many different elements to Priya & Dip's day it was essential to have a variety of spaces that would work and really make the most of each part:

The first of our ceremonies started in The Pavilion room within The Empress Suite where we conducted our Civil Ceremony. This intimate space allowed us to have 50 of our closest family members and friends witness our magical moment of legally becoming husband and wife. This was followed by the more traditional and vibrant Hindu Wedding Ceremony witnessed by 400 people in the main hall with a buffet lunch served afterwards for all our guests.

We then had a gap in the day where our guests could enjoy what Brighton has to offer whilst my husband and I had a change of outfits followed by photographs on the beach. During this time, the Empress Suite layout was entirely changed and re-dressed for our evening reception. It looked spectacular!

We had our champagne reception in The Pavilion Room followed by guests entering the main hall for the reception. It was a fantastic party and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our special day.

Having all our ceremonies on one day, under one roof, was what we always dreamed of and until it happened on the day, we were unsure how it would all turn out. Hiring out The Empress Suite at The Grand allowed us to have access to different rooms within the suite which allowed ample space for our 400 guests.

Finding your Dream Team of suppliers...

Sourcing suppliers can be one of the most time-consuming parts of the planning process, particularly when you have specific requirements in mind:

The venue was the most important factor for us. We were having a glamorous Indian wedding and we wanted a venue to compliment that, so obviously The Grand was perfect. We were given some recommendations of suppliers from the wedding planner at The Grand. I booked the photographer, the décor company and the music provider from wedding fairs in London. As we were having an Indian wedding, it was difficult to source local suppliers with the exception of my wedding hair and make-up artist and the wedding cake provider which were local.

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to research and shop around as there are hundreds of suppliers selling the same thing. Once you have booked your suppliers, you can relax a little but check in with them all a couple of weeks before to ensure everyone knows what they are doing on the big day!

Enjoying each moment...

Taking the time to sit back and soak up all the best bits of the day is so important:

On the Wedding Day: Enjoy every single minute of your special day. Take short pauses throughout the day and take it all in! Don’t stress on the day and remember only you know the finer details so whatever is meant to be will be on the day and there’s nothing more you can do about it.

A huge thank you to Priya & Dip for sharing their wedding with us as well Colours Photo Film for the stunning photos -