Undercover blogger series at The Grand: The Spa

Express Afterwork Treatment at TheSpa@TheGrand

After experiencing a couple of stressful, mind-blowing days at work, it was time to invest in some self-care. It was a Tuesday afternoon and all I could wish is for the weekend to approach faster. I was looking for the ideal place to just switch off and catch my breath. Just by Brighton’s seafront and at the heart of the city, I decided to book an ‘Express’ treatment at The Spa @ The Grand.

As soon as I entered the door, I felt the warmth and the gorgeous smells…the splendid receptionist welcomed me and I instantly felt soothed. Next I met my therapist, who was awaiting me with a calming smile. My treatment consisted of a neck, shoulders and back massage for 25 minutes, and I could choose from a more energising oil or a relaxing one. I knew my day will not finish any time soon, so I chose the first one.

Noticing the tension released from my body, the smoothness of my skin afterwards and the lingering delicate aroma of the oil, it was all I was looking for. Walking through the Relaxation Room, that was carefully decorated with different cosy seating spaces and fresh flowers, it felt like I was in a secret sanctuary far away from the outside world. I topped off my visit with a trip to the sauna, which was the icing on the cake.

It was brief but delightful, a re-boost of energy to soften the rest of my week. Even before I left, I knew I would be back very soon, specially to try the relaxation oil and the steam room this time.

Because there is nothing better than putting life on pause, in order to live in the present. For me, this is the best local escape for those seeking an instance of serenity and repose.

This experience was written by a member of our undercover blogger team, watch this space for more insights from our undercover blogger series…